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Hosted by Donna Bauer, The Original NoteBuyer®

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20+ Hours of Training. Documentation. 6 Months of Coaching.
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Welcome Investor,

I\’m Donna Bauer, The Original NoteBuyer®!

For over 30 years, it\’s been my pleasure to teach Traditional Real Estate Investors the safest, easiest, and fastest way to make huge profits in real estate without the hassles of traditional investing.

These investors are learning to make Quick Cash more easily by flipping a note rather than flipping a property or managing rentals.

For example:

\"✅\" Landlords have learned how to convert their rental portfolio into a note portfolio so they can retire from the headaches of answering tenant phone calls at 2am and repairing toilets on the weekends. Now, they\’re out boating and grilling with the family just like they want to be doing.

\"✅\" Rehabbers have learned how to generate passive income by receiving monthly payments instead of waiting months to (maybe) get their money back after spending valuable time and money fixing homes. Now they\’re able to work on projects that are actually fulfilling and spend more time doing what they love.

You can learn these strategies and make money with real estate the easy way, too.

Join me on the replays of my Virtual, Interactive Classroom-Style Training and Personal Networking event:

The NoteBuyer\’s Academy

2021 Virtual World Tour 

The 2021 Pre-Academy Webinars kicked off in October with an exciting 5-part series:

\"✅\" Grow Your IRA Like A Compost Pile: Apply the fundamentals of composting to building a Self-Directed IRA with Notes and turn your $30,000 IRA into a $100,000+ IRA in a year or less. I\’ll also address how the new Reconciliation Bill will affect notes in SDIRAs.

\"✅\" Self-Directed IRA Strategies with Carl Fischer, Principal of CamaPlan

\"✅\" Marketing Update: Finding Notes in This Unique Economy

\"✅\" Intro to Financial Calculator: HP 10bii Basics for Note Buyers

\"✅\" The Original NoteBuyer\’s Infallible 4-Step Process to Calculating Discounted Notes and Preparing Your Offer


During the Virtual Weekend Training in November, we:

  • Evaluated and quoted multiple note leads
  • Reviewed the complete, step-by-step, start-to-finish documentation and underwriting for two real-life deals
  • Learned Self-Directed IRA Note Buying and Investing Strategies from Carl Fischer, Principal of CamaPlan
  • Utilized my proprietary, superior alternative to the Partial Purchase: The Option Agreement
  • And much more

We covered every part of the process, including:

  • Due Diligence
  • Documentation
  • Finding an Investor
  • Setting up the Closing
  • And a whole lot more!

I\’m also including 6 Months of my Easy as 1, 2, 3 Coaching on Seller-Financed Notes.

Use the home-study materials to learn how to find a note, send a Submission Form, and the Easy as 1, 2, 3 Coaching kicks in.

I\’ll walk you through the entire deal, and we\’ll split the profit 50/50!

Click here to get my offer of 5 prep webinars, 2 days of training, copies of all documentation and underwriting files, as well as 6 months of note deal coaching for just $1,297.

If you have questions, email me!


Donna Bauer, The Original NoteBuyer®


P.S. We had a BLAST on the World Tour! Here are a few clips:

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Can Benefit from The NoteBuyer\’s Academy

New to Note Investing?

The Virtual World Tour Training is your fast track to learn how to flip or hold notes for big profits.

\"✅\" Find motivated Note Sellers in this Unique Market

\"✅\" Beat out competition when making your offer

\"✅\" Negotiate with Note Sellers and get more deals under contract

\"✅\" Put money in your pocket in the next 30 to 60 days, without your own cash or credit

\"✅\" Acquire properties at maximum discounts

\"✅\" Build your own personal portfolio of notes

\"✅\" Practice real deals, from talking to the note seller to preparing an excellent offer

Experienced Note Buyer?

Learn how to use my advanced strategies to reach your financial goals with notes.

✅ Re-structure your real estate portfolio so you never have to deal with tenants, trash, or toilets

✅ Invest a million dollars in your IRA without paying a dime in taxes or even making a contribution

✅ Buy and sell properties for maximum profits, without ever going to the bank

✅ Massage an ordinary note with my creative financing for returns of 60% or more

✅ Negotiate modifications and forbearance agreements on Non-Performing Notes

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What My Students Are Saying About
The Academy Virtual World Tour

\”I have been using Donna’s forms and techniques for decades. Technologies may improve but the basics are timeless.\”
Carl Fischer
Principal, CamaPlan

“This was my first intensive training experience with note buying, before this I had only attended a few of Donna’s 2-3 hour training sessions with Cincinnati REIA. This really was a great experience and having the videos and materials to study from is priceless.\”
Laura B.
\”Donna pulls back the curtain on the \”secrets\” of the note investing business and lets you see the inner workings of what it takes to be successful in the note business. She not only show the big picture of the note investing business, but she deep-dives into the much needed documentation/paperwork. Donna is a must for anybody serious about the note business. Thank you so much Donna for sharing your wealth of knowledge that can only come with decades of real life experiences.\”
Todd H.

Join Donna\’s Students and Make Money with Notes
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2021 Virtual World Tour Itinerary

The BahamasAmazon Rain ForestAcapulco, MexicoSahara Desert

You may have missed the live meeting, but you can still embark with us on this worldwide adventure and learn these wealth-building note buying and investing strategies along the way.

Recordings are now available! Get these 20+ hours of group training replays, along with all the case study documentation and forms you\’ll need to do deals on your own. Take a look at the fun we had!

On the beaches of Acapulco, we dove deep into the ins and outs of evaluating notes and formulating competitive, profitable offers.

We met Carl Fischer, Principal of CamaPlan, on Bimini Island where heshared important adjustments folks will want to make in their Self-Directed IRA strategies, including some of the changes he is personally making concerning his IRA and estate planning.

We carefully navigated through all the steps and documentation for two different real-life deals as we went on a safari through the Amazon rainforest and Sahara desert.

I even my taught my updated, proprietary, advanced Option Agreement strategy and offered all the documentation so students can do their own deals.

Get the 2021 Academy Replays for Just $1,297
Includes 6 Months of Easy as 1, 2, 3 Coaching

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The NoteBuyer\’s Academy

2021 Virtual World Tour Replays Offer

Due to the advanced nature of this training, my home-study course is a prerequisite to attend, as it comprehensively addresses fundamentals we briefly cover in the prep webinars.

This Master Guide System also includes all the documentation you\’ll need to do your own deals.

If you don\’t already have the home-study course, I\’m including it with this World Tour for a special bundle price of $2,294 (normally the Virtual Master Guide System alone is $2,497!).

Get the 2021 Academy Recordings for $1,297, and add on the Master Guide System for just $997!


You\’ll get virtual access to the complete Virtual Master Guide System library of resources, including:

  • The Original NoteBuyer\’s Master Guide: The industry standard manual on the process of finding, evaluating, and closing performing seller-carrybacks and non-performing notes
  • Making Dollars and Sense with Your Financial Calculator: A guide with several real deal examples for you to practice note calculations on your HP 10Bii.
  • The Original NoteBuyer\’s Guide to SMART Seller Financing: A guide focused on the process of creating notes that will yield top dollar when ready to sell
  • Library of Forms: dozens of forms you\’ll need for all your note buying deals. (These would cost tens of thousands of dollars from an attorney.)
  • NoteBuyer\’s Academy Media Set: 30+ hours of video and audio training from my last live 4-day training event
  • Templates for your mailers, postcards, brochures website, and more

Included with this offer is 6 months of my Easy as 1, 2, 3 Coaching on Performing Seller-Financed Notes. Use the home-study materials to learn how to find note sellers, then send me a Note Submission Form. I\’ll walk you through the transaction, we\’ll use my investors, and we\’ll split the profit 50/50 when we close the deal!

Choose a package below to register.


Questions? Send me an email to

I\’m looking forward to closing a deal with you soon!

-Donna Bauer


Already have my home-study course?
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Read below for what\’s included in your registration.
2021 Academy Recordings + Coaching

  • 5 Preparatory Webinars: Marketing, Financial Calculator, Asset Protection, and SDIRAs
  • Evaluate Note Submission Forms and Formulate Quotes for Leads
  • Case Study: Performing Due Diligence and Closing the Transaction, A-Z Walkthrough!
  • When to Use a Partial vs. an Option
  • Special IRA class with Carl Fischer
  • Downloadable Documents and Replays
  • 6 Months of Easy as 1, 2, 3 Coaching
  • REMINDER: You are selecting this offer because you already have either The NoteBuyer\’s Master Guide System or a previous Academy Media Set Home-Study Course.

Don\’t have my home-study course?
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You\’ll get a complete home-study course with your registration.
$1297 World Tour + $997 Home-Study Upgrade

  • Everything previously mentioned, PLUS:
  • The Original NoteBuyer\’s Master Guide
  • Making Dollars and Sense with Your Financial Calculator
  • The Original NoteBuyer\’s Guide to SMART Seller Financing
  • Complete Library of Forms
  • NoteBuyer\’s Academy Media Set
  • Website Template, Tri-fold Mailer Template, Note Evaluation Excel Sheet, and much more!
  • REMINDER: You are selecting this offer because you do not yet have a home-study course. See above for all that\’s included in The NoteBuyer\’s Master Guide System home-study course.

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Students Are
About The Virtual World Tour

\”There is a wealth of information provided during the sessions and, most importantly to me, this is available for review after the World Tour. Donna\’s training is very thorough, and she will show you how to market to sellers, negotiate with them, and review the calculations. Donna has done this so many times that she easily reads though and deciphers the numbers and then shows how different scenarios with affect the end investment. If you are interested in Notes, I highly recommend attendance.\”
Tom S.
\”Donna’s program was very through and Donna herself very engaging. She made it fun with our trip around the world and even managed to break us into groups to work on forms, look for information, and interact with each other. We networked and learned a lot even though it was online. Donna provides a lot of information for us to learn from after the work shop and pre workshops to get us ready. Fabulous all the way around!\”
Christine S.

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