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\"\"Here\’s a special lesson from my assistant, Matthew! I\’ll pick back up with you on the next lesson. -Donna

Hello, Note Buyer!

This is a custom website template you can use and modify for your own note marketing website.

If you aren’t using WordPress or Divi, you can still use this template by replicating the layout and adjusting the copy to suit your needs.

Install the Divi theme on your WordPress site and upload the zipped .json template on your Divi home page. Email me at if you need help with this.

Here are the general steps you should take with the template file:

  1. Buy a domain and hosting. I suggest using SiteGround (I’m an affiliate) as they are affordable and have great customer service.
  2. Buy a Divi license
  3. Download the .zip file which includes the .json template
  4. Hire a developer and work on the site together

I recommend finding a web designer on Fiverr to set up WordPress/Divi theme, import the template, and then customize it for you. Since the page is already designed, it will only need text and spacing adjustments, and hiring someone for this shouldn’t be very expensive—maybe in the range of $150, more or less depending on who you decide to work with.

Here’s a link to Fiverr professionals who work with the Divi theme:

Reach out to a few of them to see who responds in a timely manner and who seems like someone you’d like to work with. Here’s what I recommend you message them first:

“Hello. I have a domain and hosting on SiteGround, and I’m looking for a Divi designer to set up WordPress, the Divi theme, and make some light edits to a one-page .json Divi template file that I already have. What would you charge for this service, and how soon can you get started?”

Let me know if you have questions!

Matthew Miller

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