HP 10bii Financial Calculator Exercises

Now that you\’ve learned the basics of The Time Value of Money and the HP 10bii Financial Calculator, let\’s hone your skills with some exercises.

First, I highly suggest you download Making Dollars and Sense with Your Financial Calculator using the links below. This book has multiple examples of different kinds of deals you\’ll find in your marketing. By the time you get through each example, I\’m confident you will have mastered the calculator.

There are also some example calculations in Chapter 4 of The Master Guide, so wrap up your calculator training with that if you still need some practice.


Lesson Downloads

Right-click link and \”Save link as…\” to download a copy for offline review.

  • [s3mm type=\”file\” files=\”master-guide-manuals/Making Dollars and Sense With Your Financial Calculator.pdf\”]Making Dollars and Sense With Your Financial Calculator PDF[/s3mm]
  • [s3mm type=\”file\” files=\”master-guide-manuals/The NoteBuyer\’s Master Guide.pdf\”]The NoteBuyer\’s Master Guide – Chapter 4[/s3mm]
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