Building a Direct Mail List

During the 2020 Academy Virtual World Tour, I asked Matthew to give us an overview of building a direct mail list of note sellers on This should familiarize you with the terms you\’ll find on your marketing list regardless of the source. It will also give you a sense of the differences in

If you decide to use a different service, you may not have to do this manual entering of criteria. If you like manipulating data and playing with numbers, you can create a very customized list this way.


[s3mm type=\”video\” files=\”2020-notebuyers-academy/2020-world-tour-video-12gb/2020nba-d2p2-HowToBuildAList-V1-0003.mp4\” /]


Lesson Downloads

Right-click link and \”Save link as…\” to download a copy for offline review.

  • [s3mm type=\”file\” files=\”2020-notebuyers-academy/2020-world-tour-video-12gb/2020nba-d2p2-HowToBuildAList-V1-0003.mp4\”]2020 NoteBuyer\’s Academy – How to Build a List Video[/s3mm]



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